What is Forces of Nature: Environmental Elders Speak?
Forces of Nature: Environmental Elders Speak aims to record and share first-person accounts of key decisions, case studies and stories that can assist today’s decision makers defend our national heritage.

RRI’s Environmental Elders Montage
May 6, 2012

Start Viewing the Collection
Viewing the collection is easy. From the Gallery page, use the search box to enter a person’s name, geographical are (Utah, Lake Tahoe), theme (forestry, policy) or lesson (passion, stewardship)-or just peruse the collection of short videos, biographies and transcripts at random. If you click on the video arrow, the video will start; if you select the name, you will open a page for that person.

Please help us spread the word and give us your feedback! Sharing videos with friends and colleagues through social media sites likes Facebook and Twitter is a great way to start. Or contact RRI Project Director, Lynn Alexander to offer feedback or recommend new interview subjects.

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Summary & Background
Forces of Nature: Environmental Elders Speak is a project of Resource Renewal Institute (RRI), which has developed original solutions to complex environmental problems for over 25 years. RRI launched the Environmental Elders Program to tap a reservoir of human knowledge and experience within the fields of environmental policy and activism, natural resource management and human health-and provide access to a collection of best practices and case studies to affect current environmental affairs.

Where are the videos about?
Borrowing from oral history and autobiography, RRI’s video project Forces of Nature: Environmental Elders Speak brings together casual anecdotes with detailed accounts, the videos jump between the personal and the universal, offering stories of environmental battles won and lost so that future generations can be better prepared for challenges ahead. Together these stories illustrate the dynamic tapestry of nature and the common threads that unite us globally in the fight to protect our most precious natural resources and special places for future generations.

What can I do?
Forces of Nature: Environmental Elders Speak shows how ordinary people develop leadership qualities and reach visionary goals. Their environmental success stories can inspires us-whether we are professional natural resource managers, students, activists, policymakers or citizens.

Many environmental victories are taken for granted by those of us now enjoying public lands, healthy forests, and clean air and water. These resources are constantly threatened-and need your attention, voices and support.

Our greatest hope is that this project will inspire each of us to act honorably to protect our shared natural resources-whether through grass roots campaigns, public policy, or independently.

Nominate An Elder
Starting with 50 videos, the collection will expand to 250-and beyond.
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