John Levinsohn shares his influential philosophy for a life well lived. The new Mill Valley Redwoods Retirement Center for Dynamic Aging has been named the John L. Levinsohn Center for Dynamic Aging. This is no accident as he is an individual that stays involved in life and community and urges us to do the same. Watch this short video to learn how a "city boy" became a protector of the environment and a nurturing partner for dynamic aging.

Not only is Jacques an award-winning author and journalist, he is also an important humanitarian and environmentalist. He has won numerous awards for his nonfiction and has been twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for his foreign correspondence (Vietnam and India) in 1972 and ’75, respectively. Jacques tells the story of how he began his career in journalism, and through his foreign correspondence became a champion for human rights and the environment. Jacque is an award winning journalist and author of Deep Water: The Epic Struggle Over Dams, Displaced People, and the Environment.   

How important is freshwater to the ocean?  According to former Cordell Bank and Gulf of the Farallones Sanctuary manager, Edward Ueber, the freshwater that flows through estuaries to the sea are critical for the survival of marine life. He explains that we need to maintain freshwater flows to the ocean rather than building desalination plants. Ed has a compelling solution to the problem.

Huey Johnson, Founder of the nonprofit Resource Renewal Institute recalls some personal experiences that explain his passion for water. Huey continues to focus on water issues with his New California Water Atlas, an open data resource that is free to all. You can access the Water Atlas at: http:  He is also working on a project that will protect the basis of the ocean food chain - forage fish - while providing a clean and renewable source of protein that a hungry world demands. Have you considered supporting Huey's work with a donation to the Resource Renewal Institute?

Do you have an interest in learning about water rights in California? Jim Canaday, a former California State Water Board Senior Environmental Scientist, explains the three kinds of water rights in California.

Cecil Andrus served as the Secretary of Interior during the Carter Administration and as the governor of Idaho for 14 years. Cecil tells us two stories: about how he was able to get two major pieces of legislation passed, the Alaska Lands Act that protected 103 million acres, and the California Wild and Scenic Rivers Act that protected five important wild rivers in Northern California. Cecil shares a hunting story, one that reveals important life lessons.