Professor Emeritus, Frederic Wagner, explains why everyone should have a basic understanding of science and understand how scientists think and make decisions. As an ecologist and author of a book on climate change, Dr. Wagner explains how policymaking today could benefit from the examination of facts and evidence. He shares two examples of how science has been ignored over politics.

Jonas Minton, a California water policy advisor, is a go-to guy about any water issue in California. He also has experience helping to shut down a nuclear power plant in the state, slowing unsustainable logging in the Amazon, and negotiating a water management agreement between China and the World Bank. Here he shares his list of hard-won, practical, and effective tips for a successful career in management with interviewer, Huey Johnson, an early mentor of Minton's in the 1980s.

How well do we tend to our garden? Best selling author and physicist Paul Hewitt explains how his interest in physics motivates him to care for our beautiful garden here on Earth.