Tracey Woodruff pursued a Ph.D. in bio-engineering with a goal to be more involved in public health issues. She found a position at USEPA at a time when the agency was beginning to focus on issues of environmental toxics and the health of children and minorities. Hear Tracey's story about how she found her calling working in the field of environmental health and environmental justice.

How are International worker rights related to health of the environment as well as occupational health and safety? Human rights champion and president of Social Accountability International (SAI) explains how regulations like SAI 8000 protects workers from exploitation.

Hans van Zijst is the founder of the International Network of Green Planners. He reports how the Netherlands is doing with issues related to environmental health (e.g. water quality, air quality). Hans notes that PM10 and PM2.5, small particulate matter, in inner cities is still an issue that stills needs to be addressed in Europe as well as in most cities.

What is the secret to being a record-holding athlete at age 90? In this brief interview, Mike Fremont explains his secret to longevity.

An inspirational video about Andy Lipkis and how he founded TreePeople, his struggle to share the importance of trees and how his work has taught him that each of us really do make a difference in what choices we make every day. His story about the values of one oak tree and the services that it provides is not to be missed. Andy also provides insight into building healthier and more resilient cities.

Dr. Calisher explains the complexities of the hantavirus and why we need to stay vigilant in our studies of viruses. He tells us what he knows about viruses and how his understanding relates to our study of earth sciences.