Radicalism and participatory democracy intersect at Tom Hayden. Tom became an activist in the early 1960s when he was a "freedom rider" in the south and president of the Students for a Democratic Society. Tom shares his thoughts about his 50 years of activity in civil disobedience, marches, direct action, and ultimately how and why he came to represent the people in California state office.

Chris Desser is a multi-talented woman with a deep interest in protecting the "the commons", sometimes referred to as the public trust, which involves public resources such as air, water, the night sky, public lands, and even things such as libraries and more. Chris, a lawyer, has served on the California Coastal Commission and has been active on many boards and foundations. In this interview she shares her reaction to a particular Coastal Commission case that threatened the commons. Through her art and writing, Chris is devoted to helping people understand how much we lose when we allow others to give away, sell, or destroy the commons, the resources that belong to everyone.