The Executive Director for Californians for Western Wilderness, Mike Painter, shares his thoughts about Bears Ears National Monument in southern Utah, for which President Trump has proposed a reduction of 85% in size. Mike believes that we cannot just be cynical and complain about what is happening with our public lands, but that we can and should take specific actions. Watch this video to hear Mike's recommendations on how we can make our voices heard.

Being a fundraiser is a wonderful way to establish meaningful relationships with people. Catherine Fox began her career in fundraising in the late 1970s and shares her insight into the field of nonprofit fundraising. Catherine talks about the importance of establishing personal connections with philanthropists as a way to help them understand and support relevant programs. She also talks about ways fundraising is changing and how we might adapt.

Why should we be concerned about the inherent integrity of the natural world?  Claire Hope Cummings, an environmental attorney, awakened her profound interest in the environment when she realized that there was both a cultural and spiritual component of place. In this video, Claire speaks about the spirituality of place, our relationship to nature and to indigenous cultures. Ms. Cummings, author of Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds, speaks and writes about something equally important: ethical considerations about how corporations have taken ownership of the genes in our bodies and reengineered our sacred native seeds for industrial agriculture.

Here is a story about the power of media and how it changed the course of history in the Grand Canyon. Jerry Mander understands media and corporate influence and he shares his thoughts about how media sways society. As a longtime advertising professional and media expert, Mander was the first to use his intimate knowledge of the media to affect nonprofit campaigns for environmental and social changes. He tells us how his creative ad campaign had an unprecedented outcome and successfully halted several dams in the Grand Canyon.

Attorney, former Deputy Secretary of Resources, and lobbyist, Richard Hammond has been actively involved in environmental issues since the early 1980s. In this video Richard talks about his work as Deputy Secretary of Resources, as a lobbyist on energy topics, and how he was involved in creating the California Conservation Corps-North Bay.

An inspirational video about Andy Lipkis and how he founded TreePeople, his struggle to share the importance of trees and how his work has taught him that each of us really do make a difference in what choices we make every day. His story about the values of one oak tree and the services that it provides is not to be missed. Andy also provides insight into building healthier and more resilient cities.