Steve McCormick served as president of the Nature Conservancy and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, both nonprofit organizations deeply involved in land conservation. Steve shares his views and experiences regarding land conservation, environmental ethics, and wilderness in this short video.

In this Skype interview between Huey Johnson and environmental attorney, Scott Reed from Coeur d'Alene Idaho, they discuss an urgent land conservation project that brought them together when Huey was the Western Regional Director of the Nature Conservancy. Scott and Huey also talk about adjudication of the Snake River, a process that went on for 20 years. The state later decided to adjudicate water in north Idaho as well. Scott is well known for his work in water resources and especially for establishing minimum flows for fish in north Idaho.

Chris Desser is a multi-talented woman with a deep interest in protecting the "the commons", sometimes referred to as the public trust, which involves public resources such as air, water, the night sky, public lands, and even things such as libraries and more. Chris, a lawyer, has served on the California Coastal Commission and has been active on many boards and foundations. In this interview she shares her reaction to a particular Coastal Commission case that threatened the commons. Through her art and writing, Chris is devoted to helping people understand how much we lose when we allow others to give away, sell, or destroy the commons, the resources that belong to everyone.

A story from the former California Under Secretary of Natural Resources, Kirk Marckwald. Kirk talks about his career after leaving that post in the mid-1980s and how he currently works with both corporations and environmentalists. Kirk explains his ideas for corporate responsibility, strategic management, environmental regulatory reform, and how corporations and environmentalists can better work together.

Watch this eye-opener about the proliferation of dams worldwide and the threats they pose to fresh water ecosystems. Greg Thomas talks about his experience with dams in China and worldwide, and what can be done to protect the downstream freshwater resources.

Dr. Greg Thomas loves his work and cannot imagine doing anything else. Beginning his career as a trial lawyer, he found that he would rather be working in the environmental field and became a staff attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). His years of work as senior staff attorney for NRDC's international program eventually led him to found The Natural Heritage Institute (NHI), a non-governmental organization that provides technical assistance to countries to guide them toward sustainable management of their natural resources.