Michael Dombeck is well known for his dedication to responsible stewardship of America's public lands. He has served as Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management and as the Chief of the U.S. Forest Service.  He is also an educator and scientist. He is a University of Wisconsin (UW) Fellow and a retired Professor of Global Conservation at UW.  In this video conversation with Huey Johnson, Mr. Dombeck discusses his professional accomplishments with the Roadless Rule and why this Rule was so important in managing public lands for future generations.

With over 40 years of experience waging strategic tactics to protect the environment and motivating others to do the same, Mike Roselle, founder of Earth First! shares his tools for being an effective activist. Mike has been especially passionate about stopping clear cut logging and mountain top mining, two very destructive resource harvesting efforts. He shares his Rules for Radicals in this video.  If you are passionate enough to wage a fight against environmental destruction, you should watch this video, then put on your boots and get out there!

Learn how Joseph Brecher, in 1970, found his way into environmental law. He tells his story about the wilderness case of Admiralty Island in Alaska. Yes, this was worth the fight!  

John Amodio moved to the north coast of California, where the giant old growth redwood trees are found, to attend Humboldt State University. Soon he and a small band of students were inspired by Dr. Rudi Becking, a European trained ecologists, to finding a way to expand the recently created Redwood National Park, whose boundaries were a political compromise that were destroying the integrity of the Park.  As part of the Emerald Creek Committee, John played a central role in elevating the issue and spent more than a year in Washington, D.C.  organizing and lobbying, mentored by Representative Phil Burton, the legislative genius behind the successful Park expansion.


Bart Koehler is a wilderness conservation expert and served as the executive director of the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council (SEACC) for two terms. He has been involved in saving large tracts of wilderness in many states. Bart has been credited by SEACC for saving more than 8 million acres across the United States. In this video, Bart shares his knowledge about Alaska wilderness and the importance of grassroots campaigns.

Fiercely determined to protect his family's ranch and the ancestral lands of neighboring Native American ranchers from being inundated by one of the largest dam projects ever proposed in California, Richard Wilson found himself at the center of the Dos Rios dam controversy. Richard's story tells about how this proposal and his fight awakened his inner warrior as he successfully fought off the Dos Rios dam.