John Levinsohn shares his influential philosophy for a life well lived. The new Mill Valley Redwoods Retirement Center for Dynamic Aging has been named the John L. Levinsohn Center for Dynamic Aging. This is no accident as he is an individual that stays involved in life and community and urges us to do the same. Watch this short video to learn how a "city boy" became a protector of the environment and a nurturing partner for dynamic aging.

In 1974 Elaine was the first (and only) woman to lead the Black Panther Party. So what did the Black Panthers and Huey Johnson, an environmentalist, have in common? A lot, as we will learn in this interview between Huey and Elaine. Elaine shares the lessons she learned from Huey Johnson and how they have influenced her life's work. She explains her current project aimed to create opportunities for those with "extreme barriers to employment" such as former inmates, disabled people and others. Her passion and spirit should inspire us all.

Pete Dangermond, former Director of California State Parks shares his ideas about park planning and how parks provide an important resource for youth.

What is corporate responsibility? Why is it important? Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, Inc shares his story about how a young French Canadian boy, an avid outdoorsman, became a mountain climber, a blacksmith, and the founder of Patagonia, Inc. Yvon co-created the program, 1% for the Planet as a payment for the use of resources in his clothing. Hear the story of Patagonia's success and the philosophy of the man who built the company.

How did a quiet young woman from Kansas City end up participating in a global movement to ensure that women had ownership over their production and reproduction, and how did she help to assemble and lead an institution to accomplish this? In 1957, Michaela followed her dreams to New York City where she was employed in the male dominated world of finance at Merrill Lynch. This was the first step in her awareness that women did not have the same access to money as men did. Michaela tells the story about the origin of Women's World Banking, a global institution that has granted micro loans to women in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and North America. This institution has improved the lives of women, their communities, and families throughout the world.

Why shouldn't we have a future with as much to offer as the present? A six term Idaho State Senator, Mary Lou Reed talks about being a female representative in the the mostly male senate chambers in 1984. She discusses the 1975 Land Use Planning Act that she fought for with the Idaho Conservation League, and the many issues that are close to her heart such as community, land and water conservation, diversity in Idaho, and human and women's rights.