How has land conservation changed over the decades? Will Rogers, the president and CEO of the Trust for Public Land (TPL) sees increasing pressures on land, including issues related to climate change.  TPL is a nonprofit organization that works to connect people with nature and believes that a livable city is one that allows people to live within a 10 minute walk to a park. What will it take to solve some of the challenges in conservation today? How will we come up with solutions?  How have politics and environment changed? Hear how TPL has adapted to the changes in conservation and is still on the cutting edge to connect people with nature.

Professor Emeritus, Frederic Wagner, explains why everyone should have a basic understanding of science and understand how scientists think and make decisions. As an ecologist and author of a book on climate change, Dr. Wagner explains how policymaking today could benefit from the examination of facts and evidence. He shares two examples of how science has been ignored over politics.

A force of nature, a force of God? Absolutely! Reverend Canon Sally Bingham tells the story about her personal journey to enlightenment as an Episcopal minister. Sally is a force, no doubt, as she fights to educate her parishioners about climate change from the pulpit.  Her inspiration gave rise to the Interfaith Power and Light campaign now active in 40 states. The campaign is a mission that brings together all denominations to educate religious communities with the intent to share strategies for the wise and caring stewardship of "God's Creation".

Do you really want to make a difference? Randy Hayes, Executive Director of Foundation Earth believes that our solutions must be commensurate with the problems at hand.  Each of us can be powerful in creating change, as he well knows from many years of environmental activism.  Randy recommends that we act with the understanding that the earth is comprised of multiple interactive systems, a concept embraced in the science of ecology. We can choose to manage brush fires, which will reoccur in other locations, or we can try to affect systemic change, which is our best hope for solving global issues such as climate change or other large scale issues.

An inspirational video about Andy Lipkis and how he founded TreePeople, his struggle to share the importance of trees and how his work has taught him that each of us really do make a difference in what choices we make every day. His story about the values of one oak tree and the services that it provides is not to be missed. Andy also provides insight into building healthier and more resilient cities.