The Dutch have developed a holistic way of land use planning through Green Plans. They look ahead 25 years, or one generation. Hans van Zijst is a planner, consultant and expert on Green Plans. He explains how Green Plans work in the Netherlands, why they are used, and how they are used in parts of in the European Union.

How does the environment figure into your daily life? Marlene Broemer, a poet and a professor, has embraced nature in her daily life since she was a child in the far north of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She believes that our relationship with nature is an integral part of being human. Her travels to the arctic areas in Finland and Siberia impressed on her how communities living in these wilderness areas depend on nature to survive. This was a real wilderness existence, which she compares to her experience of living off the grid in the wilds of Northern California.

How did a quiet young woman from Kansas City end up participating in a global movement to ensure that women had ownership over their production and reproduction, and how did she help to assemble and lead an institution to accomplish this? In 1957, Michaela followed her dreams to New York City where she was employed in the male dominated world of finance at Merrill Lynch. This was the first step in her awareness that women did not have the same access to money as men did. Michaela tells the story about the origin of Women's World Banking, a global institution that has granted micro loans to women in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and North America. This institution has improved the lives of women, their communities, and families throughout the world.