Gloria Flora was the first woman to achieve the level of Forest Supervisor in the US Forest Service. She is known for her courageous 1997 decision that denied the oil and gas industry access to drill on national forest lands on the Rocky Mountain Front. Trained as a landscape architect, Gloria understands the importance of the human relationship to our public landscapes and describes why half of her decision was made because of outspoken public interest in the forest landscape.

Persistent and determined, Connie Harvey has always believed in doing her part. She is a rancher in Colorado and a writer for the Aspen Daily News and the High Country News. Connie has been an activist for wilderness issues since the 1960s when she was approached by the President of the Sierra Club. Her efforts significantly affected the creation of Redwood National Park in Northern California.

Dr. Calisher explains the complexities of the hantavirus and why we need to stay vigilant in our studies of viruses. He tells us what he knows about viruses and how his understanding relates to our study of earth sciences.

How can we preserve freshwater for our native fishes? Robin Knox tells us how strategic partnerships protect our watersheds and our fish.