For over 30 years, Joanna Rogers Macy has been teaching in workshops and trainings that help people move through their despair and denial about nuclear proliferation and ecological destruction and to act with a renewed sense of purpose. In this interview, she highlights the paradox of our material worldview, and the joy of greening the self, seeing ourselves as part of earth's ecology, which she has written about extensively.

Michael Murphy is a pioneer in the human potential movement. He co-founded the Esalen Institute with Dick Price in 1962 on the beautiful Big Sur coast in California. For some, Esalen was the "center of the universe" spawning a unique spiritual movement in the 1960s. Michael speaks about his beginning consciousness in environmentalism and how various individuals have informed his life's spiritual work, his concepts about nature, and his overall world view.

Carol Moss, a resident of Malibu California, speaks about her love of nature and the importance of the natural environment for those that live in the city.  She explains some lessons that she has learned about stewardship from the Tibetan people and how their way of living could be helpful in caring for our resources.

A compassionate environmentalist, artist, and humanitarian, Leslie Leslie shares prayers and vision of loving kindness through her art. She is creatively driven to share the splendid beauty of California with others by creating unique prayer flags which she describes in this video. Leslie has been a board member of the International Rivers and has supported efforts to keep rivers natural and avoiding dams that result in environmental damage and human displacement.

A force of nature, a force of God? Absolutely! Reverend Canon Sally Bingham tells the story about her personal journey to enlightenment as an Episcopal minister. Sally is a force, no doubt, as she fights to educate her parishioners about climate change from the pulpit.  Her inspiration gave rise to the Interfaith Power and Light campaign now active in 40 states. The campaign is a mission that brings together all denominations to educate religious communities with the intent to share strategies for the wise and caring stewardship of "God's Creation".

Malcolm Margolin is an author and publisher, whose deep curiosity about California Native American culture in the 1970s helped rekindle its importance to all cultures. He begins with an endearing story about his early childhood experience with nature. He tells us a bit about publishing and the founding of Heyday Books. Malcolm then shares some examples of what he has learned about sustainability and alternative ways of being from the native people's perspective.