With over 40 years of experience waging strategic tactics to protect the environment and motivating others to do the same, Mike Roselle, founder of Earth First! shares his tools for being an effective activist. Mike has been especially passionate about stopping clear cut logging and mountain top mining, two very destructive resource harvesting efforts. He shares his Rules for Radicals in this video.  If you are passionate enough to wage a fight against environmental destruction, you should watch this video, then put on your boots and get out there!

A force of nature, a force of God? Absolutely! Reverend Canon Sally Bingham tells the story about her personal journey to enlightenment as an Episcopal minister. Sally is a force, no doubt, as she fights to educate her parishioners about climate change from the pulpit.  Her inspiration gave rise to the Interfaith Power and Light campaign now active in 40 states. The campaign is a mission that brings together all denominations to educate religious communities with the intent to share strategies for the wise and caring stewardship of "God's Creation".

In the early 1970s, Huey Johnson, working with The Nature Conservancy, was approached by a young man 17 years of age, who asked him to help preserve a 35,000 acre family ranch from development. It was an unexpected request that eventually came to fruition. Bill Milton tells the story of the generous donation that seven siblings all under the age of 21, made to protect their family ranch for wildlife conservation.

An ethical politician? Yes, and a war hero too. Former Representative Pete McCloskey talks about fighting in the Korean War, how it has shaped his life and why he fights tenaciously for the Endangered Species Act and other environmental causes.

No love was greater than Mark's love for the Stanislaus River. When the river was threatened with a dam, Mark was driven to chain himself to a rock to keep the river from being flooded. His epic battle was lost, but he continued to fight for California rivers with greater success.

What would the California coast be like if it was developed and inaccessible to the public? Bill Kortum speaks about his early career mobilizing people to protect the coast. The California Coastal Initiative protected the entire California coastline for public access.