Learn how Joseph Brecher, in 1970, found his way into environmental law. He tells his story about the wilderness case of Admiralty Island in Alaska. Yes, this was worth the fight!  

Why aren't our government employees more respected and valued for their service? Tom Stokely explains the challenges of being a government employee and the choices that are available to one who makes a decision to serve the public. A planner, biologist, and dedicated friend of the Trinity River, Tom tells us what motivates him to protect salmon and trout habitat in Northern California.

What is corporate responsibility? Why is it important? Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, Inc shares his story about how a young French Canadian boy, an avid outdoorsman, became a mountain climber, a blacksmith, and the founder of Patagonia, Inc. Yvon co-created the program, 1% for the Planet as a payment for the use of resources in his clothing. Hear the story of Patagonia's success and the philosophy of the man who built the company.

Gloria Flora was the first woman to achieve the level of Forest Supervisor in the US Forest Service. She is known for her courageous 1997 decision that denied the oil and gas industry access to drill on national forest lands on the Rocky Mountain Front. Trained as a landscape architect, Gloria understands the importance of the human relationship to our public landscapes and describes why half of her decision was made because of outspoken public interest in the forest landscape.

Attorney, former Deputy Secretary of Resources, and lobbyist, Richard Hammond has been actively involved in environmental issues since the early 1980s. In this video Richard talks about his work as Deputy Secretary of Resources, as a lobbyist on energy topics, and how he was involved in creating the California Conservation Corps-North Bay.

How can a class action lawsuit become a catalyst for change? Attorney Ron Lovitt talks about his involvement in a class action lawsuit against a large company that misrepresented residential housing lots to prospective buyers.