A compassionate environmentalist, artist, and humanitarian, Leslie Leslie shares prayers and vision of loving kindness through her art. She is creatively driven to share the splendid beauty of California with others by creating unique prayer flags which she describes in this video. Leslie has been a board member of the International Rivers and has supported efforts to keep rivers natural and avoiding dams that result in environmental damage and human displacement.

How does the environment figure into your daily life? Marlene Broemer, a poet and a professor, has embraced nature in her daily life since she was a child in the far north of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She believes that our relationship with nature is an integral part of being human. Her travels to the arctic areas in Finland and Siberia impressed on her how communities living in these wilderness areas depend on nature to survive. This was a real wilderness existence, which she compares to her experience of living off the grid in the wilds of Northern California.

Chris Desser is a multi-talented woman with a deep interest in protecting the "the commons", sometimes referred to as the public trust, which involves public resources such as air, water, the night sky, public lands, and even things such as libraries and more. Chris, a lawyer, has served on the California Coastal Commission and has been active on many boards and foundations. In this interview she shares her reaction to a particular Coastal Commission case that threatened the commons. Through her art and writing, Chris is devoted to helping people understand how much we lose when we allow others to give away, sell, or destroy the commons, the resources that belong to everyone.

No love was greater than Mark's love for the Stanislaus River. When the river was threatened with a dam, Mark was driven to chain himself to a rock to keep the river from being flooded. His epic battle was lost, but he continued to fight for California rivers with greater success.

What would the San Francisco Bay Area be without the Bay? Sylvia McLaughlin recalls the beginnings of Save the Bay in the 1960s.  She was the driving force behind the three 'housewives' that launched an epic battle to save San Francisco Bay.

How sorrowful is the loss of an orchard or the character of place? Professor Gray Brechin tells of how the loss of the Santa Clara Valley orchards inspired him to study geography and the relationships between land and cultural heritage, especially the human and environmental costs of urban development.