Have you heard of Copper River salmon? What about the Exxon Valdez oil spill of March 24, 1989?  This massive oil spill off the shore of Cordova, Alaska horrified local fisherman and devastated the community when the Prince William Sound fishery stocks collapsed. Without fish, the economic base of the community was destroyed. Riki Ott shares her story about how she mobilized the community to help in the recovery, and how her experience awakened the need to make corporations more responsible for their actions.

What is corporate responsibility? Why is it important? Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, Inc shares his story about how a young French Canadian boy, an avid outdoorsman, became a mountain climber, a blacksmith, and the founder of Patagonia, Inc. Yvon co-created the program, 1% for the Planet as a payment for the use of resources in his clothing. Hear the story of Patagonia's success and the philosophy of the man who built the company.

Why should we be concerned about the inherent integrity of the natural world?  Claire Hope Cummings, an environmental attorney, awakened her profound interest in the environment when she realized that there was both a cultural and spiritual component of place. In this video, Claire speaks about the spirituality of place, our relationship to nature and to indigenous cultures. Ms. Cummings, author of Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds, speaks and writes about something equally important: ethical considerations about how corporations have taken ownership of the genes in our bodies and reengineered our sacred native seeds for industrial agriculture.

A story from the former California Under Secretary of Natural Resources, Kirk Marckwald. Kirk talks about his career after leaving that post in the mid-1980s and how he currently works with both corporations and environmentalists. Kirk explains his ideas for corporate responsibility, strategic management, environmental regulatory reform, and how corporations and environmentalists can better work together.

Here is a story about the power of media and how it changed the course of history in the Grand Canyon. Jerry Mander understands media and corporate influence and he shares his thoughts about how media sways society. As a longtime advertising professional and media expert, Mander was the first to use his intimate knowledge of the media to affect nonprofit campaigns for environmental and social changes. He tells us how his creative ad campaign had an unprecedented outcome and successfully halted several dams in the Grand Canyon.